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Wellness is a $3.7-trillion industry and growing. As tech-savvy consumers increasingly expect wellness amenities, technology offers great options for creating a unique experience that also delivers on guest well-being.

With innovation at every turn, which wellness tech trends and products have staying power and how can you take advantage of the most promising innovations? Let’s explore the options.

Biophilic design
Biophilic design is based on the concept that we’re at our best state when connected to nature, or close to it, and blurs the lines between interior and exterior spaces. Many hotels are achieving this through sounds, lighting, views of nature, living green walls and natural outdoor scents.

Tech advances, through vertical and hydroponic planting systems, that closely align with biophilic design can bring the outdoors in. Well-respected global players offer simple solutions for living green walls and management of living ecosystems in hotels. You can see such products in Westin and Even hotels. By integrating small water features indoors with essential oils of scents found in nature, you can blend indoor and outdoor spaces.

Nature and technology can be brought together through nature-centered art and photography to transform spaces, elevate moods and support guest well-being.

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