Case Study: Launching Kinkára, a Luxury Glamping Retreat

The client

Kinkára, a one-of-a-kind mountainside luxury “glamping” retreat in Costa Rica

The problem

Business process and offer refinements were needed to evolve vision into reality to complete the brand concept, design, development, and marketing and operations strategies to be guest-ready.

What we did

  • Led agencies and business partners to finalize the customer experience journey, including project management of design development, construction of all guest spaces (including FFE and OSE), and creation of all brand collateral
  • Developed clear budgets and put spending processes in place to prioritize projects
  • Acted in capacities of owner’s representative and Chief Strategy Officer to identify, launch, and lead outside sales teams, management company, and critical marketing partners to support operations, deliver on owner’s cultural vision, and drive revenue
  • Expanded business model beyond initial operating model focusing on group sales to support individual transient guests, including a full marketing plan, PR strategies, and consumer website

The result

Kinkára’s ownership is now primed for success, with prioritization of future enhancements and renovation budgets set. The first waves of revenue-generating groups have been booked and executed, the B2C consumer website has launched, and a marketing plan is in place for the first peak season. A well-regarded management company partner – Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality – has been ramped up, with a newly created proforma, operations plan, and staffing model.  Initial reviews are stellar, with 20 five-star reviews on TripAdvisor in addition to ample positive media coverage.