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Companies and Brands

Companies and Brands

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“Focused, calculated, creative, passionate and always showing an endless amount of energy into his every project, Adam is truly a renaissance man when it comes to branding and marketing. If I were to find the perfect partner to launch an idea and bring it to life, I would look no further than Adam.”

Scott Blakeslee
General Manager, The Standard, Los Angeles

“As a consultant to the EVEN Hotels corporate brand team for three years, I watched Adam organize and lead a group of motivated business professionals through the creation and roll out of one of the “World’s Most Innovative Companies” (Fast Company, 2016). He keenly understands the importance of wellness in today’s hospitality industry and possesses a unique talent for identifying what travelers desire then efficiently shepherding those ideas from concept to reality. With his knowledge and experience accrued at EVEN Hotels and IHG, Adam is an invaluable resource and asset to any hospitality project, but especially those with forward-thinking goals and a health/wellness scope.”

Jim Kaese
Editor-in-Chief, Athletic Minded Traveler

“I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Adam Glickman on the first two, ground-up EVEN Hotel projects in New York City. We started working together in May of 2013, and over the three-plus years that we worked together, Adam was our true leader. His passion for the EVEN brand was contagious. His knowledge of how to create a distinct voice to a hotel made us better designers. Adam has the unique ability to bring together distinct programming to support the brand’s mission and story while leading a diverse team where the common, and yet extremely challenging goal of creating a singular wellness concept was realized.

I would go into “battle” with Adam any day. He is the type of leader who can expertly align divergent stakeholders and cut through the chatter to focus the team on the story, the mission and the goal.”

Glen Cobin
President, Glen & Co Architecture

Adam has a great eye for the details big and small that make experiences unique, and his leadership has made the EVEN Hotels brand truly stand out from other hotels for the millions of customers that put health and wellness first. He has a keen instinct, knowing what to dial up and down to align with trends on the horizon and build programming that consistently exceeds the expectations of guests. Working together on Mission Wellness and other marketing partnerships, Adam’s shown himself to be an innovator, collaborator and someone who can execute to get things done.

Going forward, I’m excited for Adam to launch Parallax Hospitality and continue his focus of bringing wellness-forward programming to life in hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses. I see Adam as someone who will develop clear and executable plans that embrace wellness in ways that are profitable and build incredibly strong customer loyalty.

Alexia Brue
CEO and Co-Founder

“Adam is one of the most capable and versatile leaders with whom I have ever worked. He has the ability to find the path to success in any endeavor, build a robust plan to follow that path, and lead a team of people to conquer it. Over the years he has build upon his vast knowledge of the hotel industry, continually adding new areas of skill and expertise. Adam’s experience in developing highly innovative brand programs, balanced with his understanding of cost and operations impacts of them, uniquely positions him to provide valuable direction to those looking to improve service or capitalize on wellness.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with Adam, and I look forward to working with him again at some point in the future. If you are looking to develop stand-out hospitality projects consider speaking with Adam before starting work!”

Del Ross
Hospitality Executive / Chief Digital Officer
Senior Advisor, McKinsey & Company

I had the pleasure of working with Adam for the launch of our revolutionary wellness brand, EVEN Hotels. Adam’s leadership and focus on creating a refreshingly energetic brand via his understanding of the importance of genuine service combined with innovative guest benefits, groundbreaking design and the power of wellness offerings created a brand unlike any other. Adam erased a decades long standard in an industry which had previously been content with sacrifices and created an experience catering to wellness that led to the brand being a rate and feedback leader in every market. His passion for the brand and true understanding of operations made working with him from the ground an immense pleasure knowing that he was there with us every step of the way collaboratively working together, which as a GM I greatly appreciated.

Perhaps what I admire most about Adam is his willingness to think outside of the norm. This ability to predict what travelers want was instrumental in the EVEN Hotel becoming such a flourishing and consistently highly reviewed experience at each location.

Dieter Schmitz
General Manager, EVEN Hotel Times Square South

Adam’s value-add is developing and implementing a curated story, which cuts across operations, service delivery and in-hotel, and works hand-in-hand with project design and architecture. Adam collaborated with us in laying out the concept vision, and then led our teams and worked with us to bring the vision to life. Upon opening, this helped in getting guests to write extremely positive reviews (hitting # 1 of 470 hotels in NYC on TripAdvisor), getting our hotel to run at a premium, and ultimately deliver great results for us. He has an eye for smart innovation and developing edgy programing that stands out from competitors to drive performance. He understands how fitness and wellness should come to life – Adam knows the right amount of wellness and fitness – to really have an incredible impact.

Through the years we’ve worked with Adam, he’s acted as a bridge to balance owner needs with brand, designer, operations and other project team members to get to a win for everyone. He’s a great partner who is extremely responsive, focused and genuinely passionate about the projects he works on. With the launch of Parallax Hospitality, I can see how Adam’s strategic direction can benefit new projects or those under renovation, seeking smaller touch points, service programs or guest experiences, that will surprise customers and get them excited about writing great reviews.

Lance Steinberg
Owner, EVEN Hotel Manhattan East and EVEN Hotel Times Square Sout

I enjoyed the privilege of working with Adam at IHG. He was recruited internally to join our new business development group in 2011 given his passion for hospitality and attentive service, intimate knowledge of revenue distribution channels and hands-on operations experience; but most importantly, for his ability to envision the future, synthesize facts and build a winning strategy. Adam was the heartbeat of IHG’s most recent brand launch and it is no surprise to me that he has founded a company that will allow him to share his winning formula that creates resonant guest experiences, engaged service cultures and recurring revenues.

Jim Anhut
Senior Vice President, Development
DineEquity: Applebee’s & IHOP