Case Study: Aligning Rhone’s Products for Hotel Placements and Partnerships

The client

Rhone – one of the fastest growing men’s-specific retail athleisure companies in the US

The problem

Rhone was seeking new avenues to introduce its products to customers and hoping to make inroads with hotels and resorts. Because individual hotel gift shops and boutiques are traditionally not a primary business focus or revenue driver for hoteliers, Rhone was struggling with a plan to identify hotel stakeholders and have them see the benefits of a partnership.

What we did

  • Developed a hospitality partnership strategy outlining top US resorts and companies Rhone should consider working with, as well as the ways Rhone could position itself as a value-add beyond retail sales in gift shops.
  • Took a critical look at Rhone’s target buyer demographics and showed how partnerships in segments other than ultra-luxury could be valuable in tapping their intended markets to generate future direct sales.
  • Developed various “programming kits,” which included specific details on how products could be introduced through hospitality, such as for social groups and events, sampling in fitness programs, and trials for corporate meetings.  

The result

Rhone’s sales team was positioned for success with a hospitality growth strategy that emphasized win-win results for the company and hotel stakeholders. Additionally, Rhone had a curated list of high-potential contacts at properties well positioned for the type of partnerships that were most likely to succeed and was prepared to position its products for trial in several new hotel, resort, and golf course venues.