Case Study: Defining the Business Strategy for RISE Costa Rica

The client

RISE Costa Rica, an 800-acre planned wellness community with resort, retreat, agricultural, and residential elements

The problem

After completing the acquisition of a large parcel of land and significant initial sitework and development, ownership was seeking help to update their business roadmap to create a clear plan for its team to follow, as well as support for ongoing fundraising.

What we did

  • Developed a comprehensive business strategy, including an investor prospectus, and gained ownership buy-in
  • Modified and elaborated the project’s wellness brand positioning in conjunction with an outside branding agency
  • Established customer journey and guest experience differentiation points for various aspects of the resort and residential wellness community
  • Completed a feasibility analysis for the project’s resort component and aligned financial projections for various phases of the development project with ownership goals

The result

RISE Costa Rica is now on a defined path for success, with an approved multi-year strategy to help ownership and all partners prioritize, focus, and maximize efficiency and return of capital deployed. Strategic plans are regularly leveraged by key stakeholders, including investment sources and potential project partners. Elements of the roadmap have been followed to advance several aspects of the project, including completion of sitework for the residential community and launch of the luxury tenting camp.