What We Do

We develop and execute revenue-driving business strategies at the intersection of wellness and hospitality.

DEFINE   •     REFINE     •    ALIGN


innovative and profitable holistic wellness concepts

Wellness design is much more than spa design. Distinctive wellness offerings that drive guest satisfaction and revenue are grounded in unique guest experiences, touching on various facets including service, building design, food & beverage, fitness, and programming.

Think of Parallax as the “General Contractor for Wellness” for development projects. We work with developers and owners of resorts, boutique hotels, retreats, mixed-use projects, and residential communities – and everything in between – to design from the ground up, build, and execute wellness brand concepts that complement your overall brand offer, attract customers, and maximize revenue.

I have had the distinct opportunity to work with Adam Glickman on the first two, ground-up EVEN Hotel projects in New York City. Adam was our true leader. His passion for the EVEN brand was contagious. His knowledge of how to create a distinct voice to a hotel made us better designers. Adam has the unique ability to bring together distinct programming to support the brand’s mission and story while leading a diverse team where the common, and yet extremely challenging goal of creating a singular wellness concept was realized.


existing properties and brands to increase revenue through wellness differentiation

A wellness-inclusive business strategy goes a long way to help your property or brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. Just because you’re not starting from scratch doesn’t mean that you’ve missed the boat. Parallax works with existing hospitality and service brands, collections of hotels, and individual assets to bring a wellness-focused perspective to their physical spaces, services, and sales positioning.  

Our extensive experience in hospitality allows us to help you look differently at your business overall, with an emphasis on wellness. Whether part of a renovation, brand refresh, or launch of a new strategic initiative, Parallax identifies cost-effective ways to take advantage of specific market- and segment-based opportunities for wellness differentiation.

It’s been a pleasure working with Adam over the past 18 months to develop a business plan for the RISE Costa Rica community and launch our first phase, Kinkara. Adam has helped us translate vision to reality, bringing our eco-luxury mountainside tenting camp to life. He’s acted as our virtual “chief strategy officer,” helping me choose a management company, build a sales plan, navigate relationships, and develop a roadmap for property renovations. We’ve worked with many consultants in the past, and Adam’s approach was very different. He's able to lay out a plan but also roll up his sleeves and work with the operations and sales team directly to execute it. As a developer of a very complex project abroad, having a hospitality industry expert and owner's champion like Adam has helped me in countless ways to move our project forward.


retail and B2B wellness products/services for partnership and growth in hospitality

Your wellness brand is great.  Parallax can help you unlock its potential by pursuing hospitality partnerships and placements to drive additional revenue and brand recognition.

From bath/beauty product lines to food & beverage products, outsourced operations/services, fitness solutions/technologies, and countless others, our deep experience in the hospitality business helps you understand the playing field and find optimal opportunities to advance your brand.

Adam has been a valuable asset and resource to our company as he helped us intertwine our services with that of the hospitality, travel, and wellness industries. The best part of Adam’s approach was that from the very beginning he designed a program that would be self-sufficient and sustaining after his contract ended. Not only is he a master of the business strategy creation, but Adam is also a skilled manager; a role I desperately needed filled for our project.