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Real Estate & Hotel Developers

Our role to you: Wellness Thought Leader, Business Realist, and Project Champion

50 %
ratio that wellness-focused travelers spend compared to other travelers
Parallax helps owners and developers of all types of hospitality and lifestyle projects realize the potential for wellness to be an important, revenue-driving differentiator in their marketplace.  While not every development is a “wellness project,” we believe that new developments that fail to include wellness attributes and programming in their design are either missing opportunities or setting themselves up for failure.

Consider us a General Contractor of Wellness. We help you build a strategy, and then identify and curate the optimal wellness positioning for your development project (including service, food & beverage, fitness, spa, programming, and building design). We develop budgets and projections showing the financial rewards that flow from wellness activation, and then lead execution of your concept through the realization of the project to ensure plans are met.

Adam’s value-add is developing and implementing a curated story, which cuts across operations, service delivery and in-hotel, and works hand-in-hand with project design and architecture. Adam collaborated with us in laying out the concept vision, and then led our teams and worked with us to bring the vision to life. He has an eye for smart innovation and developing edgy programing that stands out from competitors to drive performance. He understands how fitness and wellness should come to life to really have an incredible impact. Through the years we’ve worked with Adam, he’s acted as a bridge to balance owner needs with brand, designer, operations and other project team members to get to a win for everyone. He’s a great partner who is extremely responsive, focused and genuinely passionate about the projects he works on.

Architecture & Design Firms

Our role to you: Completer and Complementor of Design to Bring Money-Making Wellness Concepts to Life

destination wellness real estate projects built or in progress

While the design and soul of buildings is of course critical, we believe that guest traffic and long-term value derive from a holistic view on all the aspects of guest experience. Whether you already have clients that have retained you to design wellness-focused building projects, or you’re actively seeking to attract new business in this space, Parallax helps augment your offering by incorporating all elements of wellness strategy, addressing service, food & beverage, fitness, spa, programming, and building design. 

We help you refine the design elements necessary to enable a profitable wellness-focused building project, while also helping your client (on a white-label basis or directly) define the other aspects of their offer to maximize return on their investment.

Parallax has been a critical partner in leading the assembly of all the different puzzle pieces for the launch of several of our design projects – vendors, project components, and stakeholders. Adam has worked with us for various clients, providing business leadership and growth strategies to help launch new consumer hotel concepts and create B2B plans for companies to enter and align with the hotel industry. He’s honest, direct, and focused on providing clients clear plans to grow revenue. His expertise with the inner workings of the hospitality industry and passion in the wellness space has helped us better serve our mutual clients and deliver profit-making results.

Hotel Brands, Collections & Standalone Properties

Our role to you: Hotel Business Auditor/Optimizer and Developer/Implementor of Wellness-Inclusive Growth Strategies

0 %
of $639 billion wellness travel industry comprised of business/leisure travelers choosing accommodations for wellness attributes
Plant Strategies to Grow Wellness Revenue

The needs and demands of the traveling public have changed. Of course, there’s always going to be a segment of the population that has the time and money to seek out a destination spa or other wellness vacation. But as more people emphasize wellness as a key component of their everyday lives, they’ve come to expect hotels to accommodate their well lifestyles, including for business and basic leisure trips.

We believe that brands, collections, and individual hotel properties that fail to recognize wellness as an important consideration in consumers’ selection of properties for individual and group/meeting stays will see the competition pass them by. While leveraging our hospitality expertise to evaluate the overall positioning of your brand or property, Parallax helps you define an appropriate business strategy that incorporates and optimizes for wellness throughout the guest journey. Everything we do is with an eye towards planting seeds to maximize ROI, brand market share, and hotel RevPAR.

I’ve known Adam for over 10 years, working with him on the development and growth of EVEN Hotels and Hotel Indigo with IHG, and more recently on the creation of COMPASS Hotels by Margaritaville. Adam has a knack for pulling together multiple team members (with varying points of view) and leading the charge to take an inkling of an idea, refine it, and fully bring it to life. Over the past two years Adam has worked as an extension of our team to develop a new brand built from the roots of Margaritaville, but with a clear select-service owner proposition. From design to service materials, costing, construction, F&E, OS&E, vendors, and more, Parallax is expert at coordinating all the moving parts to create a solid and sellable hospitality business concept ripe for growth.

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Wellness Businesses Looking to Grow in the Hotel Industry

Our role to you: Business Advisor, Growth Strategy Developer, and Hospitality Relationship Whisperer

$ 50 billion
gross booking revenue in the US alone, growing 60% over the last 8 years

Although your wellness business is amazing, placing even the best products and services with hotel partners is not as easy as knocking on the door and asking nicely.  Hotels (and especially those run by groups, chains, or management companies) gauge their interest in a product/service placement proposal on the uniqueness of the product/service, value-add to the guest experience, corporate business priorities, ease of implementation, profitability, and procurement relationships.  And the placement is only useful to you if there’s clear potential for revenue growth, a meaningful increase in brand awareness and/or increased guest love of your brand. Parallax works with clients to position their products and services for partnerships and placements that satisfy both the hotel’s and the brand owner’s interests, maximizing the potential for success and getting deals closed.

I’ve worked with Adam and the Parallax team for a few years now and see them as visionaries focusing on branding, business strategy, and growth in the booming wellness travel market. Together we created WellinTell, an innovation forum to connect developers, retail brands and hospitality operators. Adam understands the ins and outs of the hotel industry and is a guru at creating wellness centered hospitality brands and partnerships for companies looking to work with hotels. If you are looking at building or improving a hotel to incorporate wellness and generate an ROI from it, or introducing a wellness brand to the hotel industry, I can’t imagine anyone better than Adam to work with.

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